Birmingham events

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Improving knowledge sharing culture,

19th April 2018, 12.30-2.30pm

Duncan Ogilvy of 3 Kites helps us with culture. How can professional services firms improve their fee earners’ engagement with KM projects? How can we enable knowledge sharing to become second nature?

AI & cognitive computing, David Gilroy, Conscious Solutions

22 May 2018, 12.30-2.30

Looking at AI, chat bots and other cognitive technologies, David looks at the risks and benefits of new technologies in professional services. More info and book here.

Conversation in KM, Helene Russell TKB

12.30-2.30pm, 18th July 2018

Helene Russell, TheKnowledgeBusiness, helps us understand the value of conversation as part of our KM strategy. What practical projects, tools and techniques support the building of trusting networks and the sharing of complex knowledge through conversation?

Other sectors’ views of KM - Ian Neville, BAe

18th September 2018 12.30-2.30

Ian Neville, KMer within the aerospace and nuclear industry tells us how they handle KM challenges, what we can learn from each other and his “what not to dos” from his experiences.

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