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Helene Russell, TheKnowledgeBusiness

1. How much does it cost to come to Knowledge Network?

It costs £250 per person per calendar year to buy an “annual pass”, which entitles you to come to four events during that year at a particular city, as well as various extras.

You can also buy individual tickets to events for around £100 + fees per person.

2. Are there any discounts?

There are lots of discounts. Early bird annual passes cost £237.50. Double passes cost £450. Buy 3 or more passes and get a 20% discount.

If your firm hosts an event (providing a room/tea/coffee) or provides a speaker for an event, it becomes entitled to 2 additional free tickets for that event. You must be an annual pass holder for this discount to apply.

3. Can I share the annual pass?

There must be one named person within the firm who is responsible for the annual pass. However, not everyone can come to each event and some events suit different people. You can change attendees from the named annual pass holder to someone else in your firm, but try to let me know at least 7 days before the event.

4. What about cancelled/changed events? Do I get my money back?

I haven’t needed to cancel or change an event so far because a speaker hasn’t been available. In the unlikely event that a speaker cancelled, I would try to rearrange the event or find a substitute speaker. In this case there will be no refund for annual pass holders, but there may be a refund to those holding individual tickets, if they cannot attend the new date. This will be decided on an individual basis.

If there are insufficient total numbers, I may have to cancel a single event or the whole programme. If this happens and the event cannot be rearranged for a date with sufficient numbers, I will of course return your money with my apologies.

I will always endeavour to give you at least a week’s notice of any change, but I can’t promise this will always happen. I cannot pay you more than the face value of your ticket. I am not responsible for any consequential losses.

5. I am a Bristol annual pass holder but I want to go to a Birmingham/ Manchester event.

This is fine. You can either buy an individual ticket at a 20% discount, or swap this event for one of your Bristol events.

6. What about privacy and GDPR?

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